Stop Grow™ Say Goodbye to Unwanted Body Hair!
Stop Grow™ Say Goodbye to Unwanted Body Hair!

Stop Grow™ Say Goodbye to Unwanted Body Hair!

Ever seen an unshaven woman sporting shorts or a sleeveless shirt?

Somewhat physique hair goes an ideal distance. Now you’ve got acquired obtained an opportunity to help individuals reduce that undesirable physique hair and put a whole lot of money in your pocket whenever you do it with Stop Grow, a pure hair inhibitor that daunts physique hair sooner than it even sprouts up!

Specifically, it’s designed to:

  1. interrupt the anagen a part of physique hair
  2. skinny out current progress
  3. reduce measurement of physique hair
  4. decrease the need to wax or shave

Your shoppers will like that it’s clinically confirmed to reduce undesirable physique hair by up to 69%. And they may love that they may use Stop Grow to reduce hairiness on any part of their physique, be it their face, arms, once more, or someplace additional private.

They’ll be shaving a lot much less and displaying far more pores and pores and skin thanks to Stop Grow, which is obtainable for every men and women. Believe us, they’ll current you their gratitude and your pockets’s about to get quite lots thicker for it!

Product Format:

Offered as a 4 oz. tube (118 mL); a one month present. The product is utilized inside the morning and as soon as extra inside the afternoon, ideally to damp pores and pores and skin and when physique hair is temporary.

Target Audience:

Men and women age 21+ who want to shave and wax a lot much less and current additional of their hair-free physique.